Our Company

SnoXcycle™ the Company
SnoXcycle™ is a company with history.  It started in a garage by Tim Jordan, the creator of the original SnoXcycle product.  Since that time it has made a few transitions and is now SnoXcycle LLC.  The final transition occured in early 2009.  The company is now headquartered in Richfield, Utah.  
Corporate Vision
Our vision is three fold:
1) To provide dirt bike enthusiasts with the best possible product allowing them to get the most out of their investmentsride their bikes 365 a year!  Is there anything better?  We think not!! 
2) To provide a cheaper alternative to a snowmobile, and provide hours of fun in winter conditions. 
3) To give our investors, partners, and stock holders a positive ROI.
No doubt this will become one of the next extreme sports.  Be sure to become a player in this sport using the best products, the SnoXcycle products!  Our products have been designed and heavily tested.  These designs have thousands of miles of durability testing and flat abuse.  We do this to ensure the best product to you as a customer.  We have design partners, and engineering staff in both the USA and Canada; but all our products are currently made in the USA.
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